// about me


I am Vito Raimondi, a graphic designer and art director focused on book and layout design.

After training and first work experiences in Italy, I have lived between France and Germany specializing in artbook, report and data visualization design.

My passion for the visual arts and previous experience in the field of contemporary art have brought me closer to the practice of artbook design, for me the ultimate embodiment of graphic design and creative expression.

In general, I consider the creative process as the result of a method that integrates the experience and aesthetics of those who implement it and mediates with the communication need. Each project I realise is therefore the result of a detailed brief in which the client outlines the requirements, and I put my expertise at their service to aim for a result that is efficient, professional and consistent with the initial request.

Based in Berlin since 2014 I continue my activity as an independent designer with several collaborations in the publishing world and consulting for international organizations (e.g. World Bank, World Health Organization, Unicef, Save the Children, Pan American Health Organization, End Violence against Children, New Venture Fund, Manchester Metropolitan University, Global Philanthropy Project, Human Rights Funders Network, The Democratic Society).

For any enquiries or proposals for collaboration, please fill in the form or send an email to info@vitoraimondi.com