A “beetterfly” for EstreLab


EstreLab is a young agency of co-creation based in Nice that aims to facilitate and accelerate the transition of organizations towards an ecosystemic world through the organization of several activities.
From a general perspective the design of the logo was centered on 3 key concepts related to EstreLab: transformation / cooperation / mutation.
Retaining the fun, positivity and connection with nature, the conceptual requirements laid down in the beginning have led to the choice of a recognizable symbol that can evoke the concepts of transformation and cooperation – in this sense, nature came to help us with two small and precious insects: a bee and a butterfly.

The result is precisely a hybrid between a bee and a butterfly. Of course, to recognize the crossing it is necessary to abandon your usual mindset – a “beetterfly” is a species that does not exist in nature!
The logo also features the wings that play a dual role: they highlight the intersection between the two insects, and they add the form of a “bubble” (as the balloons of the comics) that represents obviously the dialogue, the exchange of ideas / suggestions that is typical of the process of co-creation.