Populism: a series of infographics

A series of infographics developed as part of PaCE (Populism and Civic Engagement), a time-limited project (2019-2022) that aims to address negative trends in populist movements, helping to learn from positive examples and thus help build a stronger democratic and institutional base for European citizens (my work on the PaCE identity here>>).

The content was developed by Takis S. Pappa (here is his website>>), a political scientist and leading world expert on populism, democracy, and political leadership, and the design is the result of an exchange between Takis and myself to make the concept as clear as possible for interested audiences.

Here are links to the full infographics:
#1  Populism vs nativism>>
#2 PaCE – Populism and Civic Engagement>>
#3 The populist charismatic leaders>>
#4 A typology of parties in contemporary Europe, 1990-2020>>
#5 Spot the populist!>>
#6 EU was once a club of liberal democracies. Not any longer>>
#7 The illiberals>>
#8 Political systems: a typology>>