Antoine d’Agata:


Book size: 13,5 x 18 cm // Poster size: 85,4 x 64 cm // Pages: 124
Soft cover // Paper: Munken Lynx 130 and 300 gsm, Arctic Matt 100 gsm
Typeset: Grotesque MT Std and Helvetica Neue LT Std
English | French | Italian // 25 duotone and 2 colour plates
Edited by Giuliana Prucca – AVARIE
© Photos copyright: Antoine d’Agata

Download here the press-kit for more details (in english, french and italian).

The book’s size is 13,5 x 18 cm, inspired by the length of the photographer’s hand, in order to signify a handy and affordable format easy to circulate, to diffuse and to read.

The number of pictures is 25 and the pages amount to 124 divided into 4 chapters: (0) Positioning. (1) Mobile Position.(2) Intimate Position. (3) Neutral Position.

The main language is English. The book also comes with a separate and folded poster, with a full bleed size of 64 x 85,4 cm including texts in French on one side and in Italian on the other.

The treatment of the images equally follows the two main axis of this editorial project: shapelessness and the sense of fading-out. The pictures have been treated in a way inspired by the aesthetics of the Seventies and they have been reduced to the simple black and white contrast, avoiding any grey values.
The act of flattening the image to give the effect of a drawing, while respecting the original of d’Agata’s work and preserving his pictures’ force, corresponds to the idea of releasing a sort of a “shadow of images”.

Download the press-kit for more details.
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(© AVARIE and Giuliana Prucca)