20×20: Italy is a food-based republic

Personal Project
Exhibition, Logo, Personal Project

A graphic design project presented in an exhibition inside the event “Play With Food – la scena del cibo”, from the 27th April to the 1st of May 2011, at Qubì, in Turin, Italy.
Here it is an article about the work, at page 20 of the April 2011 issue of the magazine ArteSera.

Italian cuisine is known for its variety of flavors, at least as many as the different traditions of geographic regions.
20×20 originates from the will to imagine and represent logos of a typical dish of each of the 20 Italian regions, orienting the choice to the most evocative names of dishes – not necessarily the most famous.
Every logo, deliberately monochromatic, is centered in a square grid measuring 40×40 cm, and it highlights the unique characteristics of the dish it represents, through the highest conceptual synthesis, such as a consumer product brand.
Going beyond the purely graphic language, the project becomes a great opportunity to play with food and to tell about it through a different perspective by adding a touch of irony, as required.