U-bahn Types

Personal Project
Illustration, Typography

The identity of a city like Berlin is complex and full of shades, which makes it so fascinating. Traveling a lot in the subway, you quickly identify the different personalities of each station, often linked to the neighborhood itself and its history.

That’s why I decided to work on this project, “U-Bahn Types”, by creating the vector illustrations of some of the Berlin U-Bahn stations, so cold and rigorous, without human presence, with the aim of focusing on one aspect of their identity: the typography, indeed.

Obviously the station names always have a different background, depending on the location. Then the second important element will be the material that characterizes them and that immediately evokes a very specific imagery in the eyes of those who already know these places.
This is a work in progress that will grow with the discovery of new places. A sort of exploration of the “urban typography” aimed at the knowledge of the city itself, its aesthetics and its types of atmospheres.
Soon new pictures in the gallery!