AVARIE Publishing

Identity, Logo, Print, Publishing

AVARIE (Artbooks Vuoti A Rendere International Edition), is a new Paris-based independent publisher of artbooks and photobooks conceived in close collaboration with artists and photographers.
The semantic source of the word AVARIE (in english “breakdown”) is, from the arab language, “awr”, a rip, a kind of fault of the system – as the young publisher Giuliana Prucca loves to define the core issue of her work.
So I designed the logo keeping in mind that idea, using a cut set of characters as if they were escaping from a crack, to achieve a kind of absence of margins that nevertheless gives more importance to those margins themselves.
Visit the website: www.avarie-publishing.com.

Back in 2011, been fascinated by Giuliana’s vision about art books, I decided to start a close cooperation that took us on a beautiful journey through the independent publishing world, still ongoing.
Each book is the result of a long and deep research and a constant exchange between the artist, the publisher and the designer, a flow of suggestions that bring us each time to an unpredictable and unique outcome.
Using the words of the publisher herself, “with thoughtful stylistic choices, accurate studies on contents and a particular attention to the quality of subjects and materials, Avarie’s publications reflect a concept that sees the book as a jamming incident in the system: a privileged moment of thought and a space of creation that results from a close collaboration with the artist and lies at the outskirts of commercial production”.