The Democratic Society: a new identity

Logo, identity

Democratic Society is a Brussels-based organization with offices throughout Europe, and comprises a network of people working to create a democracy that works effectively in the 21st century. They engage in practical projects, conduct research and develop new democratic structures that enable people to actively participate in determining the course of their lives.

I was asked to design the new identity to reflect a new image: that of an entity that brings fresh ideas to the table, the previous one being somewhat dated and not adaptable to the growing spread of organizing on the ground.

After a careful study of the universe in which DemSoc operates and the communication needs expressed by them, we met along the creative process on the idea of the “open square.” This concept originates from the image of the Greek “agora,” the center of the political life of the ancient Greek city. A gathering place, literally a square, from which the minimalistic shape of this logo takes inspiration. A simple shape, but still bold and clear in its purpose: the square (through demsoc) is open to the participation of anyone, making the participant the central element.

Everything then flowed in the direction that led to the result visible here, where the addition of colors allowed the logo to stand out and differentiate itself from the typical colors of European organizations, and the development of a “modular” system made the various declinations of the identity easier.

Here is the Democratic Society website, beautifully developed by the agency PRIMATE following the guidelines suggested for the new identity.

Visit also the connected projects Public Square and Citizen Voices for Digital Rights.