Public Square, an action research project

Logo, identity

Public Square is an initiative spearheaded by the Democratic Society with the goal of enhancing local democracies by increasing citizen involvement in local decision-making processes. This endeavor is bolstered by the dissemination of insights derived from Democratic Society’s extensive experience in advancing local democracy throughout Europe. Furthermore, it involves fostering connections with other organizations engaged in commendable efforts and facilitating the exchange of knowledge and best practices.

This sub branding project is closely connected to the Democratic Society identity and it’s a derivation of that. The inspiring keywords that emerged from the brief are: openness, exchange, participation, dialogue.

The square shape is crucial, again, to give visual and conceptual consistency, but in this case it has been developed in a different way: not drawn, but outlined through the use of “negative space”. Now the square is shaped by the very elements that make up the logo, so actors and action mix in an endless exchange, together in a joint effort towards the result.

The final logo shows a perpetual movement from the outside to the inside and vice-versa, and this is also the central idea of the whole visual identity, open to possible future developments.

For more details about the project visit the Public Square website.