Citizen Voices for Digital Rights, a project identity

Logo, identity

Citizen Voices for Digital Rights is a project created under Democratic Society that aims to engage, equip and ultimately empower citizens with the skills, knowledge and tools they need to advocate for their digital rights themselves. The program will play a facilitating role in bringing citizens together around the topic of digital rights and will, to a large extent, be shaped by local citizens and activists themselves.

The purpose of the identity design was to make the network known, easily recognizable and as inclusive as possible. while illustrating in a simple way the principle of the project (not to leave out those who are digitally excluded due to lack of data or lack of devices).

The icon takes inspiration by the speech bubbles (voices, dialogue, exchange), the human circle (universal, together), and the pinwheel (playfulness, ease). The textual part of the logo nods to the digital world by evoking the binary code through the vertical sequence 10011.