devenir minéral

Book design

Format 25 x 20 cm
Binding paperback with square spine, glue-stitched
Pages 492
Language French
Font Avenir LT std + Bembo std
Papers stone paper 120 μ (dust jacket) + fedrigoni freelife cento black smooth 170 g/m2 (cover) + freelife oikos extra white smooth 80 g/m2

One essay, many voices. Starting from the study on Antonin Artaud, the authoress Giuliana Prucca emphasises the “mineral” essence in the history of 20th century art, tracing a path that passes through stone, sand, earth and dust, “to demonstrate that the creative act would be a trace of the disappearance of the body*”.

A complex and challenging layout born out of the need to differentiate the voices that take part in this narrative, thanks to both the design and the use of different typefaces and formatting, giving rise to different reading options that unravel in a compelling journey.

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(*Céline Delavaux)