Divine Queer Film Festival

Logo, identity

Divine Queer Film Festival is an independent film festival in Turin, northern Italy, that has been exploring the fluctuating themes related to the queer scene since 2015 in a continuous evolution, ranging from gender issues to disability and migration. With the power of cinema, the founders/curators (beloved Achille Schiavone, Veet Sandeh and Murat Cinar) seek to break down prejudices, stereotypes, taboos and fears.

I had the honor of being asked to initially design the logo, and later also the visuals for some editions of the festival (some samples in the gallery, which will be updated as new editions are developed).

The festival logo originates from the recognizable shape of a stylized film projector. This rests on a “tripod” composed of the letters “VI,” which in turn are taller than the others that make up the title, as if to evoke in a vaguely ironic way the “divine” essence that stands a span above.
The characters that make up the word DIVINE are created specifically for this logo, and are featured with an irregularity that evokes variety, difference.

(© Photo by Simone Li Gregni)