Without Violence

Logo, identity, icon design, web design

Without Violence is a communications and design service provider for the social sector. The rebranding started from the idea of using the negative space (for a positive change, of course). The aim of the new logo is to deal with the concept of “without” in a more sophisticated way compared to the previous one. Everything is focused on the pictogram, composed of the initials WV: the V letter instead of being written, it’s a “void” resulting from the negative space. It’s a symbol of disappearance, strong and refined, at the same time easy to recognize and to adapt in a variety of circumstances. The identity has been completed by a color palette and several elements, such a personalized icon set, a brand new website, business cards, team’s avatars, layouts and templates for communication products and social media.

Working within Without Violence has been one of the most exciting and enriching experiences, both from the professional and the personal point of view. Deep gratitude for these years spent creating amazing stuff, with the priceless cooperation of Nadja Nickel and Fabio Venturini, and all the beautiful people from several organizations around the world.
And maybe only a little bit, but we did change the world – and ourselves – for the better ;)