WKC Annual Research Report 2020/2021
2020〜21年 事業成果 ハイライト

The WHO Kobe Centre, under the World Health Organization (WHO), was founded in 1995 in Kobe, Japan, as a worldwide research institution. It operates within WHO Headquarters. This center facilitates research, enhances capabilities, and promotes information exchange. It tailors its efforts to local interests and requirements, integrating global insights and expertise as needed, while also harnessing local and national knowledge for global benefits.

I was asked to design this biennial report outlining the main activities from January 2020 to December 2021 in a light and clean style, appealing to the reader and impeccable in content layout, and which was adaptable to Japanese-language content.
In addition to the printed version, there is also an online version, which can be viewed here in English and here in Japanese (the latter created through the valuable collaboration with designer Kosuke Nishimoto)