Protect a generation – The impact of COVID-19 on children’s lives

Report, Layout

The profound repercussions of the global COVID-19 pandemic have affected children, families, communities and societies around the world. This infectious disease has disrupted children’s lives in a staggering way, affecting around 99% of the world’s child population. These disruptions have included school closures, strained health systems, economic hardship and limited access to essential food.

In an effort to ensure that children’s voices were prioritised and played a central role in the response to this crisis, Save the Children conducted an in-depth survey, the largest to date since the pandemic began. The survey involved over 25,000 participants, including 8,000 children, in 37 different countries. The results of this research were presented in the report I designed: ‘Protecting a Generation: Assessing the Impact of COVID-19 on the Lives of Children’ (available here), accompanied by a series of infographics with relevant data for dissemination.