Spring Forward

The financial resilience infographic

This infographic was requested by the founder, Ellen Sprenger, with the aim to show in a visual way the key steps in developing greater financial resilience for the Civil Society Organizations.

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INSPIRE: Seven strategies for Ending Violence Against Children


INSPIRE: Seven strategies for ending violence against children, is a concept developed by a coordinated effort between several global organizations which aims to identify a select group of strategies that have shown success in reducing violence against children.

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Refugees & Economy infographic

Refugees & Economy

Just to show another good reason to help people in need, this infographic, developed and designed for AssemblyFor, demonstrate how the refugees’ integration into the german labor market is creating short-term economic growth. The design tells the story through the symbolism of energie, batteries and electrical circuits, to make the issue easily understandable for all the people concerned.

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Brain Child Infographic

Brain Infographic

The purpose of this unbranded infographic, designed for AssemblyFor, is to spread through the social media the knowledge of the consequences of violence and neglect on child’s brain and how they scar the growing brain. The call to action is very important, and it must be clear to all the policy makers involved: “Support programs that reduce violence, poverty, and neglect in early childhood to give children their best chance at life”.

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Climate change and children – infographic

climate change infographic

Are the children at high risk from the impacts of the climate change? And can they contribute to the improvement of this global issue? This are the questions that the team of WithoutViolence raises through this infographic.

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