Peter Downsbrough:
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works / texts / design
peter downsbrough
creative direction
giuliana prucca / vito raimondi

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Hence 2004 / Or 2007
64 pages / 48 pages
13 x 19,5 cm / 12 x 18,5 cm
b/w and color plates
soft cover / otabind
papers fedrigoni arco design, symbol matt plus premium white
digital print

Here … 2018
16 x 24 > 24 x 128 cm
b/w plates
paper fedrigoni arco design
offset and letterpress print

Option 2018
[50 special edition signed boxes]
16 x 24 > 48 x 48
b/w poster
paper fedrigoni arco design
letterpress print
november 2018

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Following the process of creating such a composite product-book is a very stimulating experience. The design in this case is totally taken care of by the artist – my art direction action was aimed at putting the pieces together to achieve the result articulated by the curator Giuliana Prucca, keeping it within the agreed concept, collaborating on the choice of materials, printing techniques and packaging, mediating the exchanges between artist, publisher and printers, and verifying the accuracy of the result.

Excerpt from the press-kit

“Once the body has disappeared from the representation, the image stays alone, independent of man and reality, which it modifies and subverts in the heterotopic space of the book, making visible, with a displacement of the point of view, what is normally absent due to an inability to see. As plastic objects, the books are mobile constructions that invite us to reflect on the transition from horizontal to vertical, from linear to three-dimensional and on movement interpreted as converging time and space. Hence, they allow deambulation between the pages, in which words and graphic signs confer dynamism to the sequence of photographs and film stills. They are also architectural projections, the editing of which varies according to how the reader connects words, images and volumes to reassemble their sense, which therefore remains always open.
This circulation is possible thanks to the discontinuity of the space, made of interruptions and intervals. The connective element is in fact a disjunction –
Or – that gives the whole thing an intermittent, suspended, broken rhythm. The Option offered between one book and another from a unique edition creates an interdependence, which makes one perceive the absence of something that is elsewhere, dispersed, but makes it possible to imagine, and perhaps even desire, its presence. Preserving their autonomy, books intersect, meet and divide at once, while they follow a guiding line which delimits the space in-between them and makes the void no longer absolute and infinite, but tangible and shareable, as leporello’s form shows. Here, emptiness is an interstice, an additional place existing only if words, images, letters and books separate, an intrinsic value that often occupies the centre of books, a metaphor of the image’s abstraction and utopia“.

(© AVARIE and Giuliana Prucca)
Photos from 7 to 19 © Elena Veronese, from 1 to 6 © Vito Raimondi